Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Math and Computer Animations

Many students, who like computers, often do not appreciate how mathematics make computer programming possible. The logical structure require in programming computers is an application of mathematics. Access this interesting article from Science Daily web site to learn how mathematics is an integral part of computer programming.

Math In The Movies
Mathematicians To Thank
For Great Graphics

Most students in high school dread their math classes and wonder when they
will ever use the information in "real life." Now, with so much work being done
on computers, the algebra and trigonometry learned in high school is actually
being put to good use.

Tony DeRose, a computer scientist at Pixar Animation Studios, realized his love
of mathematics could transfer into a real world, real interesting job by
bringing the pretend world of animation to life. He told DBIS, "Without
mathematics, we wouldn't have these visually rich environments, and visually
rich characters."

How exactly do the high school math classes help with the animation?
Trigonometry helps rotate and move characters, algebra creates the special
effects that make images shine and sparkle and calculus helps light up a scene.

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Anonymous said...

I always had an idea that math was used for video animation but had no idea that it was so much. Now when ever i am playing a videogame or watching a animated video i will be thinking about all the ways math is used to create what i am watching.

- Patrick Knowles