Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fast and Furious!

Jeff Gordon Dupont Chevy Impala by The Freewheeling Daredevil, on Flickr
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Have you seen the movie 'Fast and Furious?' Are you a Nascar or Indy fan? Many people enjoy watching or driving very fast cars. There is a thrill for speed that is difficult to describe. I encourage you to click the link below to discover how mathematics is applied in every aspect of racing cars.
The Math Used in Professional Auto Racing
The math used in professional auto racing covers virtually every mathematical
concept taught in school today. The successful professional racing teams use
every mathematical advantage they can to win.
Along with the cars, drivers have their own mathematical statistics to calculate
and define their level of performance in numbers.
Everything that a professional driver does on the race course is measured to
compare where improvements are not needed.
When the tires are removed during a pit stop, the depth of the remaining tread
is measured to determine how the car is handling.
Another use of math in professional auto racing is to using electronic timing as
cars go up and down the pits, so they do not speed.
Math is everywhere in professional auto racing.
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Sam Suarez said...

It's amazing how math is used in professional auto racing. Every thing from the design to the speed is made with the help of math. To the driver math is crucial because they have to know how many laps they have led, laps in the race, and the average speed they should be driving in, also they have to calculate how to make certain turns. It's impressive how much numbers play as in importance in auto racing everything pretty much relys on them.

Sabrina Cocuzzo said...

Sabrina Cocuzzo

I honestly would have never guessed that math was and had to be used in auto racing in order to have a higher chance at winning. I always thought that it really depended on just being the fastest driver and first to cross the finish line but it says that math is needed in order to coordinate pretty much everything. The speed of the car, the position of the wheels, the movements the driver makes, etc. I guess when you really think about it, you can really put the use of math into anything, you just have to figure out a formula.

Ernesto Leal said...

I never would have thought that Math is applied to racing cars. I just figured you get in the car, hit 100 and have fun! it is an advantage for drivers to know math so they can figure out whta might happen if they drive in a specific direction. Math plays a vital role and can eventually and probably did help those drivers win races, perhaps Jimmi johnson also uses Math in his strategy.

Shayla Harris said...

Shayla Harris

This is an idea that I had never thought about. I have been to the Indy 500 and it never passed my mind that someone on the racers side line had college courses in Mathematics. I knew that when a racer takes a certain amount of time at the pit stop it can be a problem, but I never knew how the racer turned the curves could affect the outcome of the race.I also didn't know that they take statics on the race so percisely.

Anonymous said...

It is quite interesting for me to realize how math is used all aournd us in everything that we do. My experience growing up I always thought the being a race car driver you had to be able to be the fastest driver in order to win, but now i realize that its more than just winning. For example math is involved when you try to detect the speed of the car or determining the distance of the race.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I never really realized how much math can be used in someone’s everyday life however, after reading this article if help brighten my eyes to how math is used in Professional NASCAR Racing. Before reading this article I didn’t know that the people who drive these cars had to use mathematical equations in order to calculate their performance speed and things of that nature. What was even more fascinating to me was that a lot of the calculations and measurements that we learn in schools today are use during the races in order to calculate speed and agility and all that, they also use math to formulate how they can improve and do better. I found this article interesting because math is not my most favorite subject and I always ask myself the question of “why do we have to learn math were never gonna use it in everyday life” and this article just proved my thoughts wrong.

Anonymous said...

I think that math is used in a very good for way Professional Auto Racing. If I were a race car driver I would feel safer knowing that everything is calculated prior to my racing. It is a very clever idea and especialy for movie scenes that need to go as planned. The electronic timing that is used for the racing can be the difference between a first place and second place. Since math is so precise, it is perfect for such a precise sport.

Anonymous said...

Christian Cruz

I like Nascar but I have never thought that the most insignificant details to me like the tire wear was taken into consideration. The most shocking detail that I wasn't aware was of the sponsor stickers and the way they have to be place to have some sort of aerodinamic effect. Pretty cool...