Sunday, May 10, 2009

Remarkable Coincidences...Hmmm!

Have you experienced remarkable coincidences in your daily life? Maybe these were not remarkable after all. Watch the video below to learn how probability explains logically how typical or common are many events in our lives that we may have considered as remarkable coincidences.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I have experienced a remarkable experience in my life lately. Otherwise, "like a had to be there moment". I am going to give an example,and the example i am going to give is about a situation between my boyfriend & I at the moment, i am proud to be saying all of this if i wasnt then i wouldnt be writing about this.Example is my boyfriend and i have a thing with the number 77 on lincense plates, im going to make short and sweet. My Boyfriend & I we were going thru a rough time and this happened this past weekend.So anyways on monday he said you can come to see me, so i said sure ill go to see you, so i did that and i even came early to surprise him and he was happy. so anyways time passed that day and he all of sudden got a phone call to go pick up someone to go drop them off a doctors app.and he was like i want you to come with me and i was like of course that is fine with me. So then we went to do that errand and then he was like gotta go drop off this package at the post office so we go leave and were driving down this street us.1 and all of sudden he was like omg look babe! And i was like what? what happen? And it was a lincense plate 77 right in front of us, and he was like this is such a sign that were meant to be together, and mind you we have been together for eleven months and a half so far. And you know whats the probability of seeing that? It's one in million. So I think God is talking to my Boyfriend & I in a remarkable way. that only him & I would only understand. -Jackie