Thursday, June 25, 2009

Do you know what doing mathematics mean?

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Unfortunately, many students believe that mathematics is what they only do in the math classroom instead of the processes they naturally use in their daily lives to make decisions and/or choices. The article below (click the link for full article) shows 9 basic mental abilities we all have and it represents doing mathematics. We are mathematical beings by nature!

doing mathematics makes use of nine basic mental
1. Number sense
Child psychologists have
demonstrated conclusively that we are all born with
number sense
2. Numerical ability
The Sumerians are the first people we know of who
used abstract numbers
3. Spatial-reasoning ability
ability to recognize shapes and to judge

4. A sense of cause and effect. Much of
mathematics depends on "if this, then that"
reasoning, an abstract form of thinking about
causes and their effects.

5. The ability to construct and follow a causal
chain of facts or events. A mathematical proof
is a highly abstract version of a causal chain of

6. Algorithmic ability. This is an abstract version
of the fifth ability on this list.

7. The ability to handle abstraction
8. Logical-reasoning ability
9. Relational-reasoning ability
Much of mathematics deals
with relationships among abstract objects
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