Thursday, June 25, 2009

The ramifications of learning mathematics

Question often asked by students: 'Why I need to learn mathematics?' You never know the ramifications for using such knowledge. Just check how the basic concept of a math game is making an impact in the field of medical genetics. Click the link below to read the article.
DNA Sudoku: Logic Of 'Sudoku' Math Puzzle Used To Vastly Enhance
Genome-sequencing Capability
A math-based game that has taken the world by storm with its ability to delight
and puzzle may now be poised to revolutionize the fast-changing world of genome
sequencing and the field of medical genetics, suggests a new report by a team of
scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL). The report will be published
as the cover story in the July 1st issue of the journal Genome

Combining a 2,000-year-old Chinese math theorem with concepts from
cryptology, the CSHL scientists have devised "DNA Sudoku." The strategy allows
tens of thousands of DNA samples to be combined, and their sequences – the order
in which the letters of the DNA alphabet (A, T, G, and C) line up in the genome
– to be determined all at once.

"In theory, it is possible to use the Sudoku method to sequence more than a
hundred thousand DNA samples," says CSHL Professor Gregory Hannon, Ph.D.
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