Thursday, July 30, 2009

Math Court!

Today, a student told me she 'hates math.' My response to her was 'At some point, everyone use math in some way or another in their lives.' She responded back to me with 'I'm going to be a lawyer, so I only need to know the basics: add, subtract, multiply and divide.' Interestingly, too many students majoring in Criminal Justice have the same belief as the previous student: 'They don't need math to enforce the law.' Here is a humorous video showing an example of how mathematics play an important role also in the field of law and order.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Secret of Productivity

Another reason to learn mathematics. Just watch the video and find out. The ramifications for learning mathematics are unknown to most of us. Complicated problems in real-life are often solved by applying mathematical concepts that for many of us at first seem to be useless. The examples in this video just prove it. Great quote in the video: 'The secret of productivity is...the work done by dead people (mathematicians).'