Thursday, July 30, 2009

Math Court!

Today, a student told me she 'hates math.' My response to her was 'At some point, everyone use math in some way or another in their lives.' She responded back to me with 'I'm going to be a lawyer, so I only need to know the basics: add, subtract, multiply and divide.' Interestingly, too many students majoring in Criminal Justice have the same belief as the previous student: 'They don't need math to enforce the law.' Here is a humorous video showing an example of how mathematics play an important role also in the field of law and order.


Anonymous said...

It is funny how many people belive math is not need beside the basic. Little did they know its every where. I am aswell as a Criminal Justice Major and with the vidio indeed i belive math is needed everywhere no mater what field your in.
Reyna Bonilla

Anonymous said...

in today's world we do need math. Even in criminal justice lol. I'm majoring in the medical field and in this field math is our or should be our favorite. WE would be using math for everything for instance, when the nurse is about to give a shot to a patient she needs to no how many mm of liquid goes into the syringe. I love math but at times it just gets me frustrated when i don't get.

Anonymous said...

I used to also think that in the law profession, math wouldn't really be necessary, especially if its criminal law. However, there are other ways that Math will always be apart of our lives, no matter what profession we choose and this video is a perfect example of that. If the woman in the video didn't do her own calculations of the accident, she probably would have been found guilty and would have paid the consequences.
-Katia Philippeaux