Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Algorithms - Logical Thinking

In the article below, you will find out how learning mathematics is important to develop the ability of working effectively and efficiently. When learning mathematics, you are learning to think in a logical manner, which will allow you to solve problems using step-by-step processes known as algorithms. Complex real-life problems can only be solved if individuals know how to apply algorithms to vast amount of data with the aid of computers, which are then analyzed and interpreted to make informed decisions. I encourage you to read the article below and learn more how mathematics play an important role in decision-making.

Your Friend the Algorithm

With exponential trends of data growth and computational power colliding, the
world is literally drowning in data. There’s too much data, and not enough
magnifying glass

Fortunately, companies are using technology to capture and integrate data and
sophisticated mathematical procedures to analyze data and make better
decisions—decisions that ultimately improve the customer experience.

An article from The Economist,href="http://www.economist.com/business/displaystory.cfm?story_id=9795140"
target=_blank>Business by the Numbers
”, highlights how companies are using
algorithms to make book recommendations, choose optimum delivery routes for
packages and even route calls to agents that can best diagnose a particular

Algorithms help tackle complicated challenges—especially necessary as companies
race to take care of their “best” and/or most profitable customers.  I am
sure you will agree that our world is becoming more—not less—complex. As data
volumes and decision options increase, algorithms and the systems that run them
take on added importance.
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The Mathster said...

I couldn't agree most. My Geometry students struggle with proofs and don't see their value. I've often related it to the OJ trial and all of the strategy that went into that defense. I ask them would they want his attorney who used "logical thinking" and step-by-step problem solving to their lawyer...or would they want a lawyer who just brought all the evidence in to the trial in a big box and dumped it out on the table saying "This is why you should find him innocent." It's exagerated, of course, but it is the logical and orderly thinking with evidence that geomtry proofs teach you that makes the difference. Even a fight with one's spouse is better with a logical approach than just screaming and yelling. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Claudia Echezabal Math 099

For me only think in algorithms is a headache, but right now this little example explain a lot of things,we need math in our life more than we can imagine. The UPS example is great, until now i never knew that deliver packages in times is a complex work. I agree with the article when say that " Algirithms help tackle complicated chanllenges especially for the deliver companies"

Anonymous said...

I Agree with the Author and both comments left in this blog. It is insane how math, like in this article; Algorithms, can help and in more detail affect our day to day scene. It is interesting to know that using mathematics can make alot of jobs easier specially the ones that people think that math has nothing to do with. The example used by "The Mathser" impacted me the most being that I am majoring in criminal justice then later graduating from Law School and I realize that math WILL be very usefull to me in my field.

-Michael Bohorquez

donaldmtwn said...

Max Keen
Math 099
I had no idea that Algorithms were so important to businesses. I thought it was just another random step by step process for a certain "math question." The UPS example is an excellent figure to point out how Algorithms are used in getting packages to certain destinations at specified time schedules.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I completely agree with that article that math in the term of "Algorithms" in part of our everyday lives. I never really think of the math and science behind the postal service to guarantee a delivery. I have a husband in Afghanistan, and I never thought that in order for him to receive a care package, there is a set of numbers and equations that UPS is thinking of. Or the logical way of directing a phone call to the right representative to make sure you receive the right care. If you think about it, it truly works like math. You have to take old data and mix it with new data and make sure it makes sense.

Vanessa Paul

Elsie said...

After reading these articles I realize how much math has a strong since of value in our daily lives.
"When learning mathematics, you are learning to think in a logical manner, which will allow you to solve problems" and make good decisions.It is very interesting how algorithms is a step by step proceduce in how we use to solve problems. I also have learned that as someone gets old and to prevent alzheimers solving math problems helps the brain function properly and avoid memory lost. So it's obvious we need math not only to helps us get through the day but also to avoid us from loosing our memory as we get older.

Joanna Casimir
Prof. Diaz

Anonymous said...

mario awad math 99 i truly do agree with this article. For that now we dont think math will always be used but there is more than one way of using math in our lives. Though the one way it will alwyas be used is to help us solve basically any problem. The problem solving step by step process is called ALGORITHM. Its a simple process that can practically help us solve a problem that is dealing with math to a problem that can be about rearanging something or a problem with planning how to do something.