Monday, December 27, 2010

How a kid see failure when learning mathematics!

This kid's quote struck me the most in the article: "You shouldn't think you aren't smart if you can't figure something out. Every time you get an answer wrong, you're one step closer to getting it right."

Beautifully stated! I need to help my developmental math students realize the benefits of failure the same way this kid did.

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Bethel boy can solve complex math equations in his head

Quick, what is the square root of 987?

For most people the answer involves finding the nearest calculator.

For 11-year-old Ethan Brown of Bethel, however, the answer

akes just a few seconds of mental effort. Ethan learned how to calculate problems in his mind from "Secrets of Mental Math," a book co-written by Arthur Benjamin, a mathematics professor at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, Calif. Benjamin is known worldwide as a "mathemagician," a man who can mentally multiply enormous numbers.

I can square a two-digit number in my head instantly, a three-digit number in five to 20 seconds, and a four-digit number in two minutes.

Another thing I can do is name the day of the week of anyone's birthday.

I would like to be a math teacher. I want to get kids excited about math. Math is really an interesting topic. Unlike what people may think, it's not just limited to the subjects you are taught in school, like algebra and geometry.

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